I write the material that you send to your prospects and customers.  You become the trusted authority because your communications are knowledgeable and fresh.  Your readers look forward to your next piece of well-crafted knowledge.

Clear Communication with Customers Brings More Customers.


You know your industry.  You know who your customers are. You know how to run your business. But you're not a machine, you don't have eighteen arms, and you can't wear every hat.  I become your voice to your prospects, your new customers and your returning customers.



The Process

Who Reads This Stuff?

Your customers, your prospects and even your competitors, that's who.  And you become the authority.

How Do I Communicate?

You communicate every day with everyone in your business.  One at a time. Let's make that a regular communication to everyone. More communication brings more customers.

We meet---online, by phone or in person.  I am curious about your business, your goals and your customers.  You tell me what you want to communicate. I create a proposal with a timeframe, a cost and specific answers to your communication needs. If we agree, the job is done on time and within your budget.


Knowledge​ ---You Got It, So Use It

You know the details of your business intimately.  Why not educate your customers with a regular email or with a blog.

How I Work

How Do I Know What to Say?

​Clear Communication Copywriting

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